• Assessment of cash value of:
  • Damage by fire, water or frost
  • Storing damages
  • Transport loss
  • Damage by theft & vandalism
  • Replacement costs


  • Can be declared on:
  • Wines
  • Wine cellars & Wine stocks
  • Cellar equipment
  • Vineyards
  • Entire wineries


  • Sensorical characteristics
  • Quality level of wines
  • Ageing potential
  • Wine defects
  • Authentification of wines
  • Alleged fraud


  • All expertises comply with the
  • standards requested by the
  • chambers of commerces as well
  • as at court. Thus they can
  • be used as official survey report
  • or as insurance expertise.

Appraisal of business of wineries & wine dealing companies

The assessment of a winery does not only range over the monetary value but also over the question whether the estate fully scoops its potential in sales and volume and in case also in production, or whether there is space for gain and development. The same is valid for wine dealing and importing companies.

The monetary value assessment as well as the analysis of potential of a company forms a senseful instrument for better understanding future possibilities. For potential purchaser they offer substantiated decision support. Also in case of heritage these expertises provide information and security.

As official wine expert I do not examine buildings and I also do not examine vehicles belonging to a company. But all technical installations and cellar equipment as well as stocks and vineyards can be examined.