A few more cogitations

Rise of the value of wine cellars

This is where the fun starts

Wine freaks not only do regularly inventory of their older bottles. They also follow up with the question whether it has been good to invest in some of the more expensive wines. Those buying clever prevent for own pleasure as well as for a stable increase in value of the wine cellar. But first of all one should be happy to have the opportunity to drinking ripe wines which do not appear in the trade or which would be far more expensive when buying well aged.

Truth & Fiction

This is where the fun ends

The enormous rise in price which old wines from a number of producers have seen during the last years do attract shady characters which earn enormous amounts of money by selling fake bottles and fake wines. When purchasing old vintages or large formats of wineries like Mouton and Lafite Rothschild, Pétrus and Cheval Blanc, Romanée-Conti and a few more producers collectors should consider support from an established wine expert.